My Computer Specs

Posted in Computer on April 4, 2010 by soulbsd

AMD Sempron 140

Gigabyte Motherboard


Western Digital Hard Disk – 500 GB

Samsung DVD Writer

Samsung LCD 19″ Widescreen 😛

It is a cheap and 10 times faster than Athlon system or Pentium 4. In other words, it outperforms others PC. LOL. 1 thing I hate about Pentium 4 system, it don’t have Cool & Quiet technology. I have to listen to the noise make by the processor while I am typing this NOW and also while I am going to sleep. Its getting annoying you know? Well, luckily I got like another 2 months here. I hate being student.

Oh yea basically I always use AMD system but people around me like to use Intel. Just make sure if you use Intel, use proper way to reduce the noise, its getting annoying to people around you!!


FreeBSD 8.0 Reviews

Posted in FreeBSD on April 4, 2010 by soulbsd

Excellent System

-Very Stable

-Very Secure

-Very Fast

I like FreeBSD better than Linux because of the standardization it offers. Not as Linux, there are many politics surrounding it in terms of its system startup script distro packages and so on. With FreeBSD I start from command line and work my way up to GUI interface using GNOME from behind HTTP PROXY firewall. I had enough experience with Linux and now I am content with my current Operating System, FreeBSD. The power to serve. 🙂

I can bring up SOUND, GRAPHICS, & Also Squid Proxy Server which is only accessible by me. So to sum it ups, this is the perfect system. It runs so smoothly with a lot of functions. It beats Windows and any other Linux system. It is funny because the firewall at my university using Linux Kernel 2.4.6 with (squid/2.5.STABLE14)

Where as I am using FreeBSD 8.0 with (squid/2.7.STABLE7). It is true that a man can fall in love with woman, but today I am officially fall in love with my system FreeBSD 🙂

Welcome to

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Welcome to

Have fun using your computer. LOL.